Preschool Philosophy

We believe that every child is special and deserves to be loved, nurtured and cared for dearly. It is our mission to bring God’s love to each child and to ingrain in them how beautifully they are made by God.

Lamblight Catholic Preschool fosters an environment where the preschoolers can be themselves. We strive to discover each child’s giftedness and we help them develop these. Godly character is of utmost importance to us as our mission is to mold children into becoming effective Christian leaders. We instill excellence in them, in their academics and in their way of life, encouraging them to become the best version of themselves.
Main Goals of LCS Preschool
1. Independence (self-help skills, confidence)
2. Healthy Love for Learning (focus, increased attention span)
3. Self – Discipline (self-control and learning to regulate their emotions)
4. To develop speech and Love for Reading

Methods of Teaching

A. Progressive Education through PLAY
Play is a child’s main preoccupation and we will use this to engage children in learning and development. We teach concepts in a very experiential and memorable way, taking into consideration the different learning styles and the multiple intelligences of the students.

Learning Styles:
1. Auditory – learn best by listening
2. Visual – learn best by seeing
3. Kinesthetic – learn best by moving/doing/ touching

Multiple Intelligences:
1. Visual-Spatial – thinks in terms of physical space
2. Bodily-Kinesthetic – uses the body effectively and has keen sense of body awareness
3. Musical – shows sensitivity to rhythm and sound, loves music
4. Interpersonal – understands others and loves interacting with others
5. Intrapersonal – understands own interests and goals, attuned to inner feelings and intuition
6. Linguistic – have highly developed auditory skills, thinks in words and uses words effectively
7. Logical-Mathematical – thinks conceptually, abstractly, can calculate and can recognize patterns

B. Project Approach or Theme Investigation

Preschoolers enjoy learning about the world around them. We facilitate children’s learning in studies of things around them that are interesting and are worth knowing more about. We use this effective method to meet most of the learning benchmarks, and because it is meaningful to them, there is better retention in learning the academic concepts.

C. Discipline Style
We believe in disciplining children with love and respect. We train them to independently think of the effects of their misbehavior and we allow them to experience their natural consequences. Discipline in our school is never punitive. We use discipline to guide and train the child in Godly character.