Philosophy and Methods



Educational Philosophy (Preschool)

We believe that every child is special and deserves to be loved, nurtured and cared for dearly. It is our mission to bring God’s love to each child and to ingrain in them how beautifully they are made by God.

Lamblight Catholic Preschool fosters an environment where the children can be themselves. We strive to discover each child’s giftedness and we help them develop these. Godly character is of utmost importance to us as our mission is to mold children into becoming effective Christian leaders. We instill excellence in them, in their academics and in their way of life, encouraging them to become the best version of themselves.

School’s Philosophy
We are passionate about bringing out the best in every child by developing the following:

Academic Excellence.
At Lamblight, your child achieves academic excellence in a challenging but engaging way through Progressive Education.

Building on Brilliance. 
Integral to the program is the development of your child’s unique interests, talents or brilliance.  As early as preschool, we help them discover their gifts and      special interests, then hone these to levels of excellence.  Through regular   mentoring and guidance, we will prepare children for their God-given purpose/mission in life.

Christian Leadership. 
Fusing together the entire program is a Christian Leadership curriculum that begins as early as preschool progressing to highschool, where your child’s identity as a child of God is established in a community culture of prayer and service.

Educational Approach
We believe that Progressive Education is the best approach in achieving our goals in developing Christian Leaders.  These are the components of our educational approach:

  1. Active Learning Learning by doing. We create learning experiences by engaging students in hands-on activities, projects and discussion, while taking into consideration the unique strengths and needs of each student.
  1. Wholistic Development – Developing the whole child. We aim to develop the child not only intellectually but also in other aspects – spiritual, physical and emotional.
  1. Intrinsic Motivation – Inculcating self-motivation is one of our goals to bring out the best in every child. To learn, not to be recognized, but for the reward of learning itself. To be respectful, not because it is expected of them, but because it is being true to his/her character.
  1. Independent Learning – Students are trained to learn and work independently on books and activities that meet the child at his or her level.
  1. Multi-Age Sectioning – Each class is grouped into two levels. This is to enhance collaborative learning, which is a characteristic of Progressive Education. Older children will learn how to take responsibility and care for their younger schoolmates, in turn, younger children will learn from the modeling of advanced students.
  1. Small classes – We limit our classes to 15-20 students to ensure that our teachers can cater to the individualneeds of your children.