Our school is blessed with the partnership of these programs that complement our Christian Leadership program. These after-school programs are offered to our students as well as to students from other schools.

1. Teacher Red Educational Therapy Services

We are proud to offer one of the country’s best reading programs! TRETS addresses children’s symptoms of learning difficulties including:
– difficulty in decoding words
– difficulty in reading
– poor vocabulary and comprehension
– difficulty in spelling and written composition
– poor handwriting
– problems with mathematics
– problems staying organized
– trouble following directions

To provide a caring environment where each learner, given individualized attention, efficiently learns and develops the confidence and competence needed for success in school and in life.

Services Offered:
Assessment – Testing and diagnosis to identify the student’s intellectual potential, strengths and difficulties.

Educational Therapy – Individualized to suit the needs of the unique learner so that he can strengthen the ability to focus, process and remember.

Rachel Red Amparo, Ph.D.
Reading Specialist
B.E.Ed. Major in Special Education
M.Ed. in Reading
University of the Philippines, Diliman

To find out about schedule and rates, call us today!


2. Mindspark TechCamp

Mindspark TechCamp classes are now available in Lamblight Catholic School!

Mission: This program is designed to encourage lifelong learners to freely experience the world of technology. Learnings in technology are introduced via interesting and hands-on STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) modules and also incorporates the use of critical thinking skills, together with camaraderie and teamwork.

Classes Offered:
Introduction to Programming for Kids – A beginners module where children will learn the basic concepts of programming, and put these concepts to use via actual programs developed. Children will learn how logic and computational thinking could lead to exciting and creative programs.

Introduction to Robotics for Kids – A beginners module that will use Lego for Education’s Basic Robotics Curriculum. Robotics concepts will be introduced via hands-on assembly and robot creation using Lego, and introduces the use of robots’ usefulness in real-life situations. The kids will not only learn about robots and commanding them but also a little bit of physics, a little bit of car dynamics and more (but they won’t even realize they’re learning Physics!).

Students from other schools are welcome to avail of this program. Inquire through our office today!

Rhesa Tad-y Gamboa
Program Designer and Teacher
B.S. Computer Science, Specialization in Information Technology
Master of Business Administration, Major in International Business
De La Salle University, Manila

To find out about schedule and rates, call us today!